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Watches are often considered a men´s world but over the last five years watch companies started to look into the women´s segment. As more women are changing to larger watches  (36, 38 and 40 mm) including complicated funcionality, many firms have opted and introduced unisex and complicated lady wrist watch models.


The first wrist waches were made for a women and were considered really a women´s thing as they had heavily jeweled bracelets, with the watch reduced to an accessory.  Patek Philippe, for example, sold its first wristwatch  to the Countess Koscowicz and this large and decorated watch looked like a tryptich with two diamond and gold panels on each side of the timepiece. These early pieces, sometimes referred to as wristlets, were certainly admirable for their elegant and artistic exterior but their function was not of much consequence.


Nowadays women embrace watches that combine both aesthetic qualities as well as the inner magic of a timepiece  which are basic characteristics of men´s watches.

Moreover, women need highly functional and robust models that fit their current lifestyle – in other words the same needs that are included in the engineering of a man´s watch. All this implies that women are more and more interested in buying and collecting mechanical watches .


Women have more choice than ever to enjoy a watch as personal statement, as she can choose to wear a jewel watch for the evening like the Patek Philippe Twenty-Four, a Rolex  Datejust to travel or work  and a vintage Omega Seamaster watch for the weekend to create style without being flashy. Each woman can decide on her own as there really are timepieces of everyone´s taste and preferences but they can also decide to collect a wide range of watches to invest in as investments for women in watches is bigger than ever and this is likely to continue.

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