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The world of watches is a men´s world, but women are more and more interested in buying watches. Many women do not buy the traditional “butterflies and flower” watches and have a preference for more complicated watches. Nowadays categorizing watches by gender is becoming less and less viable, especially with the wealth of information available online. In fact, many women are purchasing men’s watches if they do not find the equivalent functions, features and complications in a women’s timepiece and want to ensure a better investment for their money. Watch and Clock Planet wants to help women make the right choice in their purchase decision of a luxury time piece. Therefore, we have included the She Time section with information tailored to women. We hope you will enjoy it.

Patek Philippe wrist watch for Countess Koscowicz

Watches & Women


Watches are often considered a men´s world but over the last five years watch companies started to look into the women´s segment. As more women are changing to larger watches  (36, 38 and 40 mm) including complicated funcionality, many firms have opted and introduced unisex and complicated lady wrist watch models.   The first wrist waches were made for a women and were ...

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Vintage of the week: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date

Vintage of the week: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date


Rolex has launch a great number of models that have become classics. Many of these bear the moniker "Oyster Perpetual." While the name Oyster Perpetual doesn't designate a particular model or line, it does imply a few things. First, that the watch will have the trademark Rolex Oyster case. Second, that the movement beating inside that Oyster case will be Rolex's famed Perpetual ...

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Rolex Datejust Ref. 16220

A short history of the Rolex Datejust


Rolex is probably the best known watch brand in the world and the Rolex Datejust might be understated when compared to other Rolex family members. The Datejust is an early Rolex model launched in 1945 and still alive and kicking after 73 years. It was presented  in the Hotel des Bergues in Geneva by Hans Wilsdorf himself, the founder of Rolex, as the very first automatic wristwatch with an ...

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